Owusu’s first book, “Aftershocks,” will be published by Simon and Schuster (US) and Sceptre (UK) in 2020. “Aftershocks” is a work of literary creative non-fiction about the fault lines of identity, incorporating strands of memoir, cultural and political history, and literary criticism.

Owusu’s manuscript-in-progress for “Aftershocks” earned her a  2019 Whiting Award. About the manuscript, the Whiting selection committee said:

“Ghanaian and American-Armenian by birth, Nadia Owusu’s childhood travels inform her gaze and language in this elliptical, questioning memoir. The result is prose that’s beautifully restless, always in search of music and meaning. Forged by a family secret, her sentences become skeleton keys that unlock memories and transgressions. The ambitious and elegant structure of this work houses a profound meditation on rootlessness, hybridity, and resilience. It’s rare a writer has the language and artistry to turn the raw material of a moving origin story into something that transcends the subject itself.”

You can pre-order “Aftershocks” here.